Spyker C8 LM85 Laviolette, 2009.
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Spyker C8 LM85 Laviolette, 2009.


One of the ultra rare C8 LM85 cars. Only 14 cars were made by Spyker. This included only 2 RHD cars.

This C8 LM85 car is serial-number 7 and was owned by the Snoras Bank in Lithuania.
The Snoras Bank had stepped in as financial backer of Spyker and Saab.
This car was used as personal car by their Russian main share-holder and banker/investor Vladimir Antonov.
Regretfully this deal went bad for Spyker and Saab and resulted in the bankruptcy of the Snoras Bank.
In 2013 the remaining assets of the Snoras bank were sold and the present owner managed to purchase this car.
Serial-number 7 went into the new owner's collection but only had very limited use.
Now the owner has decided to take a different direction with his hobby and so the C8 LM85 does not fit the collection anymore.
The car is now offered for sale.
It has EEC status and it is in outstanding condition.

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